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GeoGebra free download for windows 7



Application That Makes Complex Mathematics Easy For You

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GeoGebra Review:

 GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematical application that brings you complex mathematical stuff in a easy to use form so that you can do geometry, calculus, algebra, integrations and advanced engineering mathematics using a simple software. This is supposed to save you hours of terrible handmade problem solving and lets you devote your valuable time in applying these solutions, instead.


 GeoGebra basically covers four domains of mathematics, that is, geometry, arithmetic, algebra and calculus. It is an application that is very complex and richly built. This application is aimed at researchers, mathematical students and professionals who are experts in their fields. It is for those who are very friendly with difficult mathematics.
 - GeoGebra offers multiple representations of the objects that are dynamically linked. The central idea remains to connect arithmetic, geometry and their numeric and qualitative representations in an interactive way. This is supposed to give more insights to a problem and its solution.
 - You can directly enter your equations, manipulate them, set coordinates and plot functions, solve these equations and view their representations.

 Advanced & Amazing

 The program is amazingly complex that will simply make you wonder at its richness. Once you understand mathematics you can follow how to use the various tools to reach at your objective. It is not for beginners and so you should never try it out because it can make you hate mathematics altogether because you won't be able to follow anything. The sheer difficulty in using this software and because of being targeted to professionals only has made the developer community to provide detailed tutorials. You can find them on YouTube and many other educational websites like Linz.


 This is available for Windows starting from NT, XP till the latest offering of Windows 8.1. It is available for Mac OS. It can also be downloaded from Crome Web Store. The version available for PC is 5.0.129 and weighs 50.3 MB. It is also made available in over a dozen languages. This is a completely free and open source package and hence open for improvements by developers and researchers. You must not try to sell it commercially, but can redistribute it.

 In essence, GeoGebra is a free dynamic mathematics software aimed for easing mundane tasks of solving difficult problems and running equations again and again with pen and paper. The biggest advantage over others is dynamic linking between objects and multiple representations of the same.

Changes on the new version:
- fix for Function Inspector

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